Artist: Happiness Junkies
Album: Happiness Junkies (available streaming, MP3 & manufactured CD)
Release: 2018
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Style: emo indie slowbeat rock; electric guitar, piano, female vox & a rhythm box – enjoy a slow pace in a fast world...

What if... with just female vocals, piano and electric guitar you pretty much sound like a band
What if... piano and electric guitar parts somehow entwine
What if... the simple sound of a drum machine seems just right
What if... you turn the tempo down to a slowbeat and...
What if... two band members are more than enough
What if... you're addicted to happiness, but at the same time touched by melancholy
Happy to meet you... we are Happiness Junkies

El – vocals, piano, percussion & Onno – guitar, drum programming, backvocs

All songs written, recorded, mixed & produced by HJ – Independent label: Commuse
Mastered by Don Tyler at IO Mastering, L.A.

'a very relaxing, calming album... beautiful warm and at the same time powerful voice... relaxed guitar playing; so much variation in sound, from crystal clear to powerful and magical!' (Andrea, Bruxelles, Belgium)

01.  Just Say So*
02.  On a Tuscan Hill *
03.  Happiness Junkie * (video)
04.  Move Along*
05.  If Not Wiser, Just Older
06.  You Can Leave Your Light On*
07.  Miss You Like Crazy*
08.  Ow Ow (Space Station)
09.  Hold You in Your Love
10. And the Sunset

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high resolution [download] | low resolution [download]

high resolution [download] | low resolution [download]